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My name is Nick Neuman, the Prince of Prints & Pattern. I am a world-class surface designer based in the Midwest & enjoy connecting with people through good design. I help brands & companies boost revenue through engaging print & pattern.


Design should feel timeless. Trend is obviously an important component & I instill what is popular into my work  however good design should transcend trend. It should have a longer shelf-life without an expiration date. Good design relates to your audience, evokes emotion, & a sense of nostalgia. Personality & humor are great ways to connect with people & I add these traits into my work effectively & tastefully. If you are currently settling for okay designs, you’re going to get okay results. If you desire to boost revenue while adding customer loyalty, I’m your guy.

I am confident that I can help you reach your desirable goals. Let's connect and let me help you create something amazing.